Do you feel that your smile looks dull? Are your teeth becoming more yellow and stained by the day? If this is the case, professional in-teeth whiteningoffice teeth whitening could be the answer to your problems. Having a smile to be proud of is priceless. Luckily, teeth whitening is one of the fastest and most effective ways to brighten your smile.

At-Home Kits vs. In-office Whitening
Over-the-counter at-home teeth whitening kits are widely available from various stores. They are generally easy to use and results are seen after several weeks of continuous use. However, professional in-office teeth whitening performed by your dentist will always be the safer and more effective treatment. In-office whitening sessions are monitored by your dentist. Most whitening systems have adjustable strengths, making it comfortable for patients with even the most sensitive teeth to achieve a whiter, brighter smile. The whitening agents used are also stronger at an in-office session than with at-home kits. This makes your results immediate and dramatic. Additionally, in-office whitening sessions take about an hour to lift the color of your teeth up to ten shades. At-home kits lift the color of your teeth about half that, with results taking weeks to become obvious.

How can I keep my teeth white after treatment? 
Most patients return for regular whitening sessions once or twice a year to keep their teeth white. In between sessions, stain-causing outside elements like coffee, tea, tobacco smoke or darkly pigmented foods like berries cause stains. The easiest way to keep your teeth white is to avoid these things. However, since that is simply not feasible for some people, there are some measures you can take to prevent staining. Try drinking coffee or tea all at once instead of sipping it throughout the day. This minimizes the contact the stain-causing acids in these beverages have with your teeth. Rinsing with water or brushing after consuming food or drinks also minimizes contact the stain-causing particles have with your teeth.

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