By Dentistry by Design
February 03, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canal   tooth decay  

Need a root canal? Millions of teeth are treated and saved each year with root canal treatment. Dentistry by Design in Andover, MA, root canaloffers root canal therapy with a gentle touch. Here are five fabulous benefits of root canal therapy.

It Is Virtually Pain-Free
Modern technology and anesthetics allow Andover dentists to complete root canals treatments virtually pain-free. Your dentist will ensure your complete comfort during the procedure by using oral sedation or local anesthesia. Most patients report that the root canal procedure is no more painful than having a dental filling placed. 

Relieve Your Toothache
A toothache is a sign of a decaying tooth. The discomfort can range from intense and sharp to a dull ache. Its level may range from slight to extreme. The pain may affect your ability to enjoy a full night’s rest. Root canal therapy will relieve your tooth pain and improve your well-being.

Avoid Tooth Extraction
Root canal therapy will save your natural tooth and allow you to keep it functional for decades. Extraction is not a good alternative to root canal therapy. Having a tooth pulled will leave a gap that can impair the appearance of your smile and reduce the functionality of your bite. Saving your natural tooth is always the best option. 

Improve Your Smile
Teeth that have had a root canal need to be restored with a dental crown to prevent them from fracturing. All-porcelain crowns are smooth and translucent, matching the shade and size of your natural teeth. They look just like normal teeth. With a dental crown, you can have a smile that's both strong and beautiful.

It Has a High Success Rate
Root canal therapy techniques have improved significantly in recent years. Root-canal-treated teeth can last a lifetime with proper care. If a root-canal-treated tooth causes pain, the tooth can often be retreated.

Now is the perfect time to make a wise decision. Don't put off root canal therapy if you need it. Say goodbye to your toothache forever. Call Dentistry by Design in Andover, MA, at (978) 475-5333 to schedule your dental appointment. You'll be glad you did.